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What Members of the #NewtoCoaching Group are Saying:

Lara Canter

"The #NewtoCoaching group helped me so very much this year! This was my first year as a classroom management coach for my district. Love having a network of experts to turn to when I have questions."

Carla Rodgers

"Your help and the connections I have made through this site have been invaluable. It is like I found gold at the end of the rainbow. Thank you!!!"


Karen Svigel

"Allison, thanks to you I had a place to START as a new coach this year. So many fabulous insights given that no one would have told me otherwise. I truly feel that I had such a great first year in large part because of your guidance."

Jen Favaroso

"This group helped me to navigate my new role at this new school! I was able to hook some teachers and begin some informal coaching. You also inspired me to reach out more, and now teachers are reaching out for my help and I could not be more excited to keep doing this awesome work!! Thank you!!"

Danielle Desjarlais

"Allison Petersen has personally reached out and checked in with me. She has been a great mentor in my new role! The biggest help that I have received is realizing that I am not alone. The ups and downs I am going through are normal and I always have a group to reach out to if I am stuck!"

Brooke Johnson

"I watched your video on prepping for an interview and it was spot on with the types of questions and what was needed to be prepared for the interview. I went into the interview much more confident and ended up getting the job! Thanks for the help!"

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Learn my organic approach that has helped hundreds of coaches thrive! No more feeling alone. No more feeling lost and stuck! These courses can help you break through and transform your coaching. Start making change happen today!

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This starter course is a quick-to-consume 10-video course designed for newly hired Instructional Coaches! It will help you clarity around your role as an Instructional Coach and clarify your role to your admin and your faculty!

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Kickstart Your Coaching Cycles Online Course

Allison's Signature Course will teach you teach you The Organic Coaching Cycle and how to enroll teachers into coaching cycles in a natural and relational way. It will help you create momentum and energy in your coaching!

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Leading from the Middle: 5 Leadership Lessons for New Instructional Coaches

This next level course will teach you to lead from the middle of an organization as a coach. Grow and develop your leadership skills so you can make a bigger impact! 

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