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The #NewtoCoaching Community is designed with you in mind.

It is where you will find your people and the encouragement you need to start your journey into coaching! 

Hosted by Allison Petersen, Founder of the #NewtoCoaching Community
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I'm a New Instructional Coach, Now What?!? Online Course

This starter course is designed for newly hired Instructional Coaches to help you get clarity around your role as an Instructional Coach!
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Kickstart Your Coaching Cycles Online Course

This course will teach you The Organic Coaching Cycle and how to enroll teachers into coaching cycles in a natural and relational way.

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Leading from the Middle as a Coach Online Course

This course will teach you how to grow and develop your leadership skills so you can make a bigger impact from your role as a coach! 

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#NewtoCoaching Resources

VIDEO: How to Meet with Your Principal


VIDEO: How to Introduce Yourself to Faculty


VIDEO: Why You Need a Coaching Role Graphic


VIDEO: Start with The Runners!


VIDEO: How to Use The 7 Essential Coaching Questions with Teachers


The Breakthrough Circle

The Breakthrough Circle is a personalized group coaching program designed to help New Instructional Coaches transitioning from the classroom to coaching and become Make-Change-Happen Coaches!


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