Kickstart Your Coaching Cycles Online Course

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The Organic Coaching Cycle

Are you trying to figure out how to get Coaching Cycles started as a New Instructional Coach?

Learning The Organic Coaching Cycle by Allison Petersen will give you practical step-by-step strategies for how to start Coaching Cycles with teachers in a way that feels natural and authentic!

Over 20 Videos Included!

  • Welcome Video 1: Let's Get Started 🎉
  • Welcome Video 2: You're in the Right Place If...
  • Welcome Video 3: Activation: Share Your Why
  • My Story: How I Discovered The Organic Coaching Cycle
  • Part 1: Learn the Organic Approach
  • Part 2: Look for The Runners
  • Part 3: Understand How to Make Change Happen
  • Part 4: Design a Kickstart PD
  • Part 5: Every Conversation Counts
  • Part 6: Follow Up Intentionally
  • Part 7: Ask Questions in Your First Meeting
  • Part 8: Find a Student Focused Goal
  • Part 9: Create a Weekly Rhythm
  • Part 10: Be a Partner in a Classroom Visit
  • Part 11: Coach with Encouragement
  • Part 12: Listen Longer in the Debrief Conversation
  • Part 13: Celebrate the Wins
  • Bonus Videos:
    • Kickstart PD Ideas
    • Stories from Coaches 
    • How to Track Your Coaching Cycles

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Videos are all available immediately after purchase. Course also includes a full color 25-page workbook to print so you can follow along and take notes. 


You are purchasing lifetime access to this course which includes all future updates to content and videos, as well as exclusive bonus content available only to Kickstart Course members!

What #NewtoCoaching Members say about Kickstart Your Coaching Cycles:

“I used the exit ticket strategy and had a great response from teachers interested in working with a coach!” - Mary Richards

“I used these strategies to have an organic conversation with a new teacher, and we set up a weekly meeting to start a coaching cycle! We have our first one next Tuesday!” -Stephanie London

“I used an exit ticket to open the door to coaching opportunities. I asked teachers what they wanted to talk to a thinking partner about. From those exit tickets, I was able to do light coaching work with experienced teachers on planning assessments and units. Then, two of the teachers chose to do a full coaching cycle!” -Cynthia Capers

“These ideas are so helpful! My brain is really turning with ideas for a Kickstart PD that I can use to start my coaching cycles!” -Jessica Crawford

“I absolutely loved this content! This organic approach is so relevant right now to our needs as coaches!” -Samantha Shields

‘I love the way you explain how to get a coaching cycle started without making it feel so ‘checklist-ish!’” -Kimberly Powers

“I hadn’t thought of optional PD sessions as being a way to start coaching cycles. I like this!” -Miranda Walls

“For me, it was most useful to hear that it really is ok to focus on the ‘Runner’ teachers!” -Kylie Jackson

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✅  How to meet with your principal
✅ How to build relationships with teachers

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